Pollo Giovanna 62.00

pan fried chicken breast, pomodoro sauce, olives, bread

Pollo inpanato 65.00

chicken schnitzel, rocket, aubergine paste, chilli oil, grilled melanzane

Burger Bottega 65.00

beef patty, aubergine, pecorino in a toasted wrap, rocket & caramelized onion

salad, creamy, tomato & mushroom sauce.

Calamari Bottega 69.00

Strips of calamari flat-top grilled in our salsa served with a salad of mixed leaves,

tomatoes, onions, olives.

Pollo wrap 55.00

chilled lemon & herb chicken, roast vegetables, rocket, mozzarella


home-made ciabatta, focaccia (4.00) or whole-wheat (6.00)

Tonno 41.00

bottega tuna salsa (onion, herbs, garlic) diced tomatoes, olive oil

Pollo 49.00

chicken breast cooked in rosemary, lemon & white wine, lettuce, aubergine

paste, melted mozzarella

Schnitzel 53.00

chicken schnitzel, lettuce, aubergine paste, melted mozzarella

Verduraio (V) 48.00

mushrooms, rocket, marinated artichokes, grilled aubergines

Italiano 55.00

choice of prosciutto/gypsy ham/salame/grilled chorizo with lettuce, tomato, sliced


Caprese 57.00

mozzarella fior di latte, sliced tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

(chef recommend on focaccia!)

La Bottega 60.00

herb crusted rump, sundried tomato salsa, shaved pecorino, mixed leaves, lemon


EXTRAS (same as pizza extras)


Piadina 11.00

lettuce 6.00 | tomato 10.00 | mozzarella, pecorino 12.00

gypsy ham, avocado 16.00 | prosciutto, salame, fior di latte, Grana padano 20.00

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